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Welcome to Jim Casey Entertainment, your premier source for Florida Entertainment. We specialize in unforgettable weddings, dynamic game shows, and engaging team-building events throughout Florida.

Whether you dream of a perfect wedding day, plan a corporate event, or look to boost team spirit, we deliver exceptional entertainment experiences tailored to your needs. Explore our diverse offerings and discover why we are the top choice for entertainment in Florida.


Experience the romance and elegance of your special day with our bespoke DJ services. From fairy-tale weddings in Sarasota to beachfront vows in Miami, Jim Casey Entertainment ensures every musical detail is handled with care. Learn more about our wedding services.

Game Shows

Inject fun and excitement into your next event with our custom game show experiences! Featuring popular formats like Feuding Fun and the Big Music Game Show, we bring the thrill of live competition to your venue. Discover our game shows.

Team Building

Strengthen your team’s camaraderie with our interactive team-building events. From problem-solving challenges to creative competitions, we create an environment that fosters communication and teamwork. Explore our team-building solutions.

Our Commitment

At Jim Casey Entertainment, we are dedicated to providing top-notch Florida entertainment with a personal touch. Our “7-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee” ensures your event meets and exceeds expectations.

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Whether you’re planning a fairytale wedding in Florida, a team-building event, or a corporate party in Florida, Jim Casey Entertainment delivers FUN while maintaining the elegance of your special occasion.

With over 27 years of experience, I provide detailed pre-planning, superior music programming, DJ and MC skills, and tasteful interaction that has graced hundreds of events. My commitment is to coordinate all the details seamlessly with other vendors, ensuring that EVERYTHING unfolds perfectly. For more information on the specific type of event you need DJ / Game Show entertainment for, instantly check my availability by clicking here.

Florida Entertainment – 7-Point Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee

At Jim Casey Entertainment, I’m proud to have pioneered the exclusive “7-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee” for my wedding services. It has been a trailblazing initiative in the DJ industry since its inception in 2000. While others now offer guarantees, none match the comprehensive nature of mine:

  1. Personal Service Guarantee—I guarantee that I, the smiley guy to the left, will be the DJ/Entertainer at your event.
  2. Event Planning Guarantee – Unlimited consultations via phone, e-mail, or in-person to assist with music selections and overall event planning.
  3. Coordination with Other Professionals Guarantee – I ensure seamless coordination with your other wedding professionals before your reception.
  4. Website Guarantee – Continuous access with minimal downtime to this website
  5. Formal Dance Guarantee – All your selected songs for formal dances will be available and played as planned.
  6. Performance Guarantee – As stated in your contract, I will be at the venue to perform on the day and hours.
  7. Proper Attire Guarantee – Expect me to be dressed appropriately for the tone and style of your event.

Each guarantee underscores my commitment: “Jim Casey Guarantees.” These are personal assurances written into your contract, distinguishing my service from others in the industry.